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We are the two and only members of the Blour group, we recently started as a group, we are two artists, who are now beginning to enter the art world in a professional way, we are actively working on our personal projects and exploring new methods and experiences.

Even so, we are looking for work or projects in collaboration, with other groups, artists and if it is the case to work in a company.

If you want to know us more in the area about us there's a description about us!

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Fernández Amaya

I am Adrià, a senior technician in 3D animation and video game programming, co-owner of Blour, a 2D and 3D artist although more specialized in 3d.

During these last 3 years of my life I have been learning about the world of digital art and 3D, and the many that are missing. In these years I have done several projects, both personal and for commissions or practices, which you will find in Portfolio, there I have my best works, if they interest you, there you have them.

Also next year I will continue studying, I want to become a character creator, and be able to create a concept from scratch and take it to 3D, even within a game, by myself. I have enrolled in an art course for video games, in order to also improve my level of illustration.

Even so I will continue working on both my own projects and any opportunity I have, so if you have entered with the idea that it be part of your project or team, do not hesitate to contact me!




  • Technological scientific bachelor "Tordera"

  • Higher degree in 3D animation and video game programming "Girona" (CIFOG)



  • During the time that I worked with them I was modeling, optimizing and texturing models that would soon be animated for advertisements, advertising and more...



  • Where I did the higher grade, they offered me to do the internships there, and I accepted, during those months I participated in several projects, together with some colleagues, for the Girona film museum, such as the one you can see in Portfolio.

Artistic profile


During these 3 years I have made several collaborations, both as with friends, as artists that I liked, in this case @ milkcafe.co, or collaborators with their own projects such as Ernest Vila, an audiovisual artist.