We are two artists with the same idea in mind, with the creation of Blour we think of a way to make ourselves known as artists, a way to give ourselves a name and thus work together, or separately, but with a common name. Now we are both day by day working on our future, doing projects, studying and learning in general and improving our Art 3D & 2D!

I, Adrià, am a 20-year-old boy from Tordera, who decided to stop studying something that was clear that I did not like, and I decided to get into what I really love, and two years later here I am, I finished the higher degree ago It's already a year and next year I'm going to start a 4-year degree in illustration, and if given the opportunity, I want to be working as a 3D artist, and thus pay for the apartment in which I will move.

Along with me, Nana, the co-owner of Blour and two more friends will come, and both I and Nana will go to do the illustration degree, even so, we will continue with our projects, ideas, work ...

We hope you have been interested in our profile, thank you very much for everything!